The Charmin Bears: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know

The Charmin bears have been an iconic part of the Charmin toilet paper brand since their introduction in 2000. Serving as the brand’s mascots, they have become a beloved part of the company’s advertising campaigns, capturing the hearts of consumers worldwide.

The bears work because they’re cute, but also a little weird. Do we really need to know how much they “Enjoy the go?”

Here’s a look back at these iconic advertising mascots–and answers to some of your most pressing questions about the bears.

What are the Charmin Bears’ names?

The Charmin bears are mascots for the Charmin toilet paper brand. The bear family is composed of five members: Leonard, Molly, Bill, Amy, and Dylan. Leonard is the father, Molly is the mother, and Bill, Amy, and Dylan are their children.

They are often depicted in advertisements engaging in family activities while showcasing the softness and strength of Charmin toilet paper.

More About Each Bear

The Charmin website has detailed bios for each bear…because of course they do!

Here’s what you need to know about each member of the Charmin bear family.


Leonard, also known as Lenny, is a Charmin bear who appreciates strong toilet paper and values a clean kaboose. He holds the world record for the longest bathroom break, showcasing his dedication to personal hygiene.

However, Lenny dislikes being stranded on the throne without the necessary supplies. His most notable feature is his irresistibly cushy tooshie, which perfectly complements his preference for high-quality toilet paper.


Molly, affectionately known as Mom, is a Charmin bear who loves wearing a fluffy robe and using irresistibly soft toilet paper. Her idea of self-care involves stealing a little me-time on the toilet, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Molly isn’t a fan of public restrooms and takes pride in her luxurious fur coat, which serves as her most distinctive feature.


Bill, also known as Billy, is a Charmin bear who enjoys creating TikTok videos while using the restroom. He can easily watch two or even three episodes of his favorite show during a single bathroom visit. Although he dislikes warm toilet seats, his stuffy nose comes in handy, serving as his best feature in certain situations.


Amy, nicknamed “Favorite Child,” is a Charmin bear who loves having a Super Mega roll of toilet paper along with a great book to read during her bathroom time.

She cheekily admits that everyone in the family squeezes the Charmin, though it’s meant to be a secret from Mom. Amy dislikes waiting for the bathroom, and her best feature is her well-suited paws, perfect for rolling out her favorite Charmin toilet paper.


Dylan, affectionately called “Squirmer,” is a Charmin bear who appreciates a shiny and clean behind. He has a habit of leaving the toilet seat up 80% of the time, much to the family’s dismay. Dylan dislikes scratchy, single-ply toilet paper and takes pride in his squeaky clean kiester, which stands out as his best feature.

Where do the Charmin Bears Live?

According to an interview in the American Marketing Association’s blog, the Charmin Bears live near the Charmin headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The bears split their time between the forest and their home at the company’s headquarters.

The Colors of the Charmin Bears

The Charmin bears are sometimes depicted as blue or red to represent the two different types of Charmin toilet paper: Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong. The blue bears represent Charmin Ultra Soft, which is advertised as being incredibly soft and gentle, while the red bears represent Charmin Ultra Strong, which is advertised as being highly durable and strong.

The use of different colored bears helps to visually differentiate the products and makes it easier for customers to identify the type of toilet paper they prefer.

Are They Ever, Uh, Brown?

Yes, the Charmin bears have also been depicted as brown. The brown color is more representative of actual bears and was used in some earlier advertisements, but it’s kind of unfortunate in terms of the (ahem) subject matter the bears represent.

The brown bears were later replaced with the blue and red bears to differentiate between the two main types of Charmin toilet paper – Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong. The blue and red colors make it easier for customers to identify the specific product they prefer

Charmin Bears Memes

For a mascot with such a strange task–selling toilet paper–it’s no surprise that the Charmin Bears have generated their fair share of memes.

Charmin Bears GIFs, Reddit threads (many of them NSFW) and more abound. When toilet paper because scarce during the early Covid-19 pandemic, plenty of Charmin Bear memes circulated, too.

Charmin bear meme

The Goals of the Charmin Bears Campaigns

On their website, Charmin shares some of the concept behind the Charmin Bears commercials.

Here’s the gist:

Life is full of little pleasures.

Watching the sunset. A hug from your kids. Walking barefoot in the sand.

And going to the bathroom.

Charmin Website

In short, life is filled with simple pleasures, including going to the bathroom. However, people often don’t fully appreciate these moments.

Charmin aims to enhance the bathroom experience by providing the perfect tissue for everyone, ensuring relief, calmness, cleanliness, joy, and pride. As a result, Charmin users look forward to their bathroom visits and genuinely enjoy the experience, demonstrating that those who choose Charmin truly relish their time in the restroom.

SNL’s Hilarious Charmin Bears Parody

The Charmin Bears have gained such fame that they were parodied in a now-iconic (and somewhat controversial) sketch on the show Saturday Night Live.

The hilarious sketch has been viewed millions of times online.


Yes, the Charmin Bears are a little strange. But after 20+ years of entertaining us–and informing us about the joys of toilet paper–they’re clearly effective spokespeople (spokesbears?) for the brand.

Just as the bears embrace the joy of going #2, we can embrace the joy of these strange yet iconic mascots, and enjoy their antics during our shows’ commercial breaks.

Charmin and the Charmin Bears are trademarks of Charmin.

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